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Make your function one to be remembered.  Add a little dare to your event with a Casino Tables. The thrill of the tables will keep your guests entertain your guests all night, creating an atmosphere filled with fun and excitement.

How’s it work – each guest is given fun money upon arrival.  They purchase chips with the fun money just as they would at a real casino.  At the end of the evening the top 7 players are invited to play in a Blackjack competition.  The competition is the climax to the whole evening, which can get as intense and exciting as any real casino you’ll ever see.  Each player is given $10,000 and then it’s every man (person) for themselves!
The fun casino is ran by a casino manager with professional croupiers, whose soul objective is to ensure that your guests have a fabulous evening, an evening they’ll talk about for years.
Let the games begin!


Witness the unbelievable and experience the impossible as interactive magic is performed in your hands and inches away from your eyes. Objects will disappear, float, burn and end up in the most impossible places. Predictions will be made and minds will be read. Hold your breath and prepare for something to distort your perception of reality.? Its Magic!